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Specialist Consultants in the Banking, Insurance, Risk and Financial Markets

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Alphatecs products, although serving different functions and needs, are all focussed on giving our customers a clearer insight into how they can improve profitability and efficiency. See why ClaimControl, WASP, Timebox and Insight Reporter are used in your sector.


Alphatec provide complete end-to-end solutions from ready-to-use hosted software as a service application to bespoke application development and round the clock support. Our reputation for delivery and continuous product enhancement is second to none.


Our consultants have amassed years of experience working on projects crucial to the success of multinational companies; experience that they bring to bear on every single project they undertake from beginning through final delivery and beyond.

Industry Sectors

There’s a reason our products are used by Insurance Brokers, Insurance and Risk Managers across various public and private organisations including Broking, Construction, Local Government, Housing, Retail, Banking and Manufacturing. We use our expertise to bring new efficiencies to our clients every day.