Business Intelligence

We strive to help businesses make the most of their resources, and no resource is more valuable than information.

Our Business Intelligence services are aimed at giving you easy access to the information held across your various systems in a clear, usable form.

The data managed by your core systems is the lifeblood of your organisation. This crucial asset, if managed effectively, will enable your operations to work more efficiently and provide your senior management with the resources to make decisions that will increase profitability.

However, unless the data at your disposable can be brought together in a rationalised, usable form, you’ll have no way of realising its value. This is why we believe Business Intelligence is of such vital importance.

We developed our Insight Reporter Business Intelligence Platform to help you make full use data available to you. Its tools will allow you to;

  • Centralise information dispersed across different platforms, giving you an aerial view of your business processes.
  • Look at Key Performance Indicators over time to identify both long term and short term performance trends.
  • Predict and prepare for future trends using advanced data mining techniques.
  • Perform ‘What-If’ analyses of various scenarios and formulate any necessary contingencies.
  • Arrange data so as to identify outliers and processing anomalies, helping you to understand why they’ve occurred.
  • Drill down through the data to individual row level, affording you a view of both the big picture, and the minute detail that constitute it.

As well as offering Business Intelligence consultancy and development services, we also work with other solutions providers. If you are a developer, we are able to supply a module for use with your own reporting systems which will allow you to offer your customers a powerful Business Intelligence tool, and diversify your product line, with minimal development costs.

If you’d like to know more about what are Business Intelligence products can do for your business, or if you’re a solutions provider interested in adding a Business Intelligence tool to what you offer your clients, contact us today.