We’ve developed products and software solutions for a number of industries over the years and our vast experience in creating and managing global cloud based applications makes us the ideal partners to craft bespoke products to meet whatever specifications you require.

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Business Simplicity

Thanks to the close relationships we’ve developed with our clients, we’ve always been able to identify areas where basic industry wide business processes are not being properly serviced by existing software products. As a result we’ve been able to develop products borne out of an in-depth knowledge of the problems they’re designed to solve, with a strong focus on usability being a constant feature.

If you have any questions about how any of our products could be used in your business or if you need a bespoke solution developed in response to a specific problem, call us on +44 (0)845 680 1911 or email us at

We are always happy to let you speak to some of our existing clients as often they are able to communicate both the value of our products and the difference in delivery and support you get with Alphatec so much better than we can.


This award winning incident, claims and insurance risk management tool provides you with detailed analysis of the costs, recoveries and trends which can be used to reduce uninsured losses and generate significant savings on both premiums and administration costs. ClaimControl brings all of your information into one place for ease of access – from first notification of loss through to settlement you can easily bring visibility and control to your organisation – making you stand out.

Works Activity Scheduling Platform

WASP gives you complete control of all works instructions, encompassing everything from acceptance of work, allocation, distribution, evidencing and costings. With draft applications the system not only helps you reduce Section 74 fines but also enables you to handle a greater volume of work while retaining control and having complete real-time visibility of on-going work at all times.


Designed specifically for insurance brokers, our time recording system allows account managers, risk managers and claims executives to identify their most profitable activities, justify their fees and improve relationships with clients.

Insight Reporter for ResolveCheck

Insight Reporter is Alphatecs premier Business Intelligence consultancy service and software implementation solution. We provide the experience you need to consolidate information across your business to allow you to leverage efficiencies – whether you are taking the first steps in implementing a data mart, have a business intelligence project that needs brought back under control or simply need a few days consultancy to improve your reporting processes or technologies talk with one of our experts and we will help.