For more information on on WASP please contact us at info@alphatec.net.

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What does it do?

WASP is an order planning solution that allows multiple clients/contracts/locations to be managed:

  • Distribution of work electronic job packs
  • Resource planning
  • Providing real time evidence of work completed
  • Protection against S74 claims
  • Automatic draft applications and invoicing
  • Production of site location
  • Allows you to maximise productivity and profitability

How does it work?

WASP is an online application delivered to you and individual operators over the web. It can be used by the main contractor or the subcontractors and can be set to allow transparency from the operator to the client.

There are no additional hardware cost requirements, there is only a monthly charge covering full use of the system as well as support and training.

Who is it for?

WASP is for all who issue/receive orders or require evidence of work completed. It is designed to:

  • Provide maximum efficiency and minimum duplication
  • Allows full viability to all
  • Ensure staff are following the correct work flow
  • Minimise costs in fines and penalties
  • Produce accurate applications and insurance with photographic evidence

WASP is suitable from the small SME to the large corporate industries.

Implementing WASP has been a help in allowing us to increase workload and turnover by more than 100% while reducing our Section 74 liability by more than 85% in 2015-16 on WASP managed contracts” (with the same staffing levels)
Bill Hammond

Managing Director, Trust Utility Management

Since automating the planning and management of our work via WASP, not only have we made significant cost savings through workforce efficiency we have reduced our Section 74 liability by over 80%
Bill Hammond

Managing Director, Trust Utility Management